Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wall stickers @ Bondville

Check out at Bondville
The decal is fabric and reusable. Very important for prying fingers. In fact, you can wash it in water and it retains its sticky back! Thanks to Echidna Place in Bangalow, NSW for the introduction to the wonderful world of Mae.
Price: Large 50cm x 65cm AUD $119.95
Price: Small 42cm x 27.5cm AUD $44.95
Buy From: Mae

Bosco Bear
Available in eight colour combinations.
Price: AUD $89.00
Buy From: Bosco Bear

For Walls
Price: AUD $39.95
Buy From: For Walls and Little Styles

Vinyl Wall Design
Price: AUD $45.00
Buy From: Vinyl Wall Design on Made It

Interior In Style
Price: AUD $89.00
Buy From: Interior In Style and Ekidna Kidswear

The Wall Sticker Company
The Delicate Tree, available in any colour from the colour chart.
Price: AUD $95.00
Buy From: The Wall Sticker Company

The Wall Sticker Company
Available in gold, red and grey
Price: AUD $85.00
Buy From: The Wall Sticker Company

Various colourways available
Price: AUD $45.00 (save 25%)
Buy From: Mooo.com.au

And look out for upcoming Christmas designs from Aussies My Munchkin Home.

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