Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Silhouette Machine

I've just discovered a new machine that I really want. It's a silhouette cutter and from what I can see you choose your design on your computer and then it prints/cuts it out of your paper, cardboard,fabric?? Not really sure what else but sounds inpressive. It would be perfect to use for freezer paper stencils cause it takes alot of patients cutting out designs with a scalpel. A blog I follow is Grosgrain and their having a give away so you can enter here SILHOUETTE MACHINE GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!
Some samples of what you an do.



Quilts are a wonderful heirloom item, but alas, too many are just old-fashioned. Not these contemporary Tandem Quilts from Ciuccio. The result of a creative collaboration between Jenny Rinzler, a San Francisco based quilt-maker and founder of Ciuccio, and Amy Prior and Carly Schwerdt, the Australian-based fabric designers behind Umbrella prints, Tandem quilts are beautiful, bold, cheerful, and unexpected. Hand-printed, organic fabric, featuring bright pachyderms and bold color blocks, is backed by ultra-soft Minkee, creating a colorful, cozy cover. Great for hanging on the wall, draped over the crib, or wrapped tight to keep baby warm and snug, Tandem quilts are the perfect example of classic made modern. Available exclusively at Rose and Radish.


Wall decals


Pac Man wall decals ($9.50) from Etsy sellerPaulasDecal.

If you have a moment, check out other designs like these Little Birds(a steal at $7.50) or Cherry Blossoms ($9.50).

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wipe clean abc


I have always loved these alphabet and number boards, before I even realised that they are printed on a wipe-clean laminate that will allow your child to practice writing over the top of them.

These certainly work in their own right as a rather gorgeous piece of decoration - indeed, they even come complete with a shallow wooden ledge on which to mount them.

Kirsty McIntosh


No, these are not toys! Made by artist Kirsty McIntosh, these cut wood, painted and collaged pieces (choose from animals, fruit or city) are not only beautiful but sure to become treasures to keep and eventually hand down. They would sit so beautifully on a bookshelf.

Family tree


Sarah Neuberger of The Small Object has always made CUTE products that appeal to both kids and grown ups.

What a beautiful gift idea.

Helen Dardik


Helen Dardik has done some amazing work Wow. As if her finished works on Etsy aren't enough to turn me green with envy, she also keeps a blog.

More cushions

Amenity cushions


They have a Fifties illustrational sensibility, but their eco-credentials belong firmly in the 21st century: these cushions by Amenity would be an absolutely delightful addition to any child's home. The same designs are available on blankets and wall-prints, too.

I'm just a little obsessed with cushions at the moment (can't blame me these are so gorgeous), Stevie and I have our own little cushion project going and i will post results soon.


Wall paper

Tiny Train Wallpaper

tiny train-wallpaper

It's a subtle design, yet it's perfect for a child: the little locomtoive on this Tiny Train wallpaper from Rockett St George carries a selection of friendly animals and appealing trees to... well, who knows where?

Whatever, it's a gorgeous motif for a kid to gaze at as they drift off to sleep, and that's good enough for me.

Via Babygadget


Helen Musselwhite: incredible papercraft

Blackbird Spring by Helen Musselwhite

I am sure Helen Musselwhite's incredible talent is really meant for the appreciation of adults, but there is something about the themes she chooses that would make her intricate cut-outs suitable for your child's room too.

If you have a moment, browse through the very many galleries on her site: she's very prolific, and each tableau has something new to enchant you.

Summer Owls by Helen Musselwhite

Via Babygadget

Wall art.

Ellen Giggenbach

ellen-giggenbach paper collage

These bright and cheery pieces are made by New Zealander Ellen Giggenbach. First she colours the paper, then she cuts and sticks it down - and then they are carefully transported to the UK where they are sold through the Boxbird Gallery.

They would instantly brighten up any room.

ellen-giggenbach paper collage

Via babygadget

Alphabet cushions

Elsie Dodds alphabet cushions

elsie-dodds cushion

Elsie Dodds is designing an entire alphabet's worth of cushions. On one side she exercises her typographer's eye, with a graphic upper and lower case letter. The other side is more like a child's puzzle book, featuring a large number of objects beginning with that letter.

It'd be nice to buy a child his or her initial for the bedroom, or, if you're feeling flush, a whole name. You might even find that you get hours of peace as they puzzle out what all the objects depicted are. Don't worry if you can't find them all: they are listed on the label.


Via http://www.babygadget.net/decor/------- Babygadget

Misha lulu

I love misha lulu. Some samples of how sweet it is.

Misha Lulu spring 2010 3 Retrotastic clothing from Misha Lulu
Misha Lulu spring 2010 2 Retrotastic clothing from Misha LuluMisha Lulu spring 2010 Retrotastic clothing from Misha Lulu

Thursday, August 26, 2010

my wild tribe

I was asked by my gorgeous friend Mandy to make 2 costumes for a dress up party for her equally gorgeous boys. She left it completely up to me as to what they would be. So i decided to do a pirate for her 2 & 1/2 year old Hudson and an Indian for her 6 month old Otis.
Jimmy is modelling it for me here but is pretty snug on him. I have also added a pair of booties that were Stevies but the style is perfect and a headband with 2 feathers in it. I'll post the entire outfit in a few days
And here's my pirate. I have 3 different hats so i'll let Mandy pick her fave. I also did a sash/belt but it looks really good tied around the head and I found a cutlass at Kmart that will look great. So cute Arrghhh.
Stevie dressed herself up here as a cowgirl. I have a really cute fairy picture that would make the best outfit so i'll try that next. I need to get a big trunk to fill with dress ups, they have so much fun!!

Felt house

Wynona from Ivy Designs hand made this gorgeous felt house, how talented. I really wish I had the patients and time (it took her 4 days to hand sew the furniture) to try this out.
felt house
felt house

felt house

If you want to make one, you can buy the pattern from Umecrafts (their patterns are very user friendly). Wynona from Ivy Designs did customise this house a little with the roof and decorations.

The adorable little rabbits are handmade by Twinklekids.

diy clothing labels

Have a look at ivy designs tutorial for their handmade 'Back to School' labels.

Sew Mama Sew Tutorial

little uni

Love these by little uni. Personalise a t shirt for your little one with lots of cool designs. And not to heavy on the wallet either.

Best friends

Some random shots of the ratbags, well Stevie and Loch. I will post a few of Jimmy in a couple of weeks as his first birthday is quickly approaching. Can't believe it's that time already.
Near our house is a paddock with about 7 or so horses and the kids love going and feeding them. they are so confident around them which is a little frightening sometimes but good to see. There is one horse that mopes around a bit so the kids call him 'sad sack'. So cute they yell out sad sack over the paddock so he'll come over.
On a kinder excursion to Somers wetland and homestead for a teddy bears picnic. Lots of fun.

little hands

Ses Petites Mains... 'little hands' is the name of this beautiful collection childrens clothing...after working for design houses in NY for many years and growing up learning to sew, knit and embroider and Beth Miles decided it was time to start her own line of 'tiny chic clothing' for girls and the clothes are still being manufacturerd in San Fransico close to her home. Her love for fabrics and fine details make Ses Petites Mains so special and by working together with wellknown photographer Lisa Lefkowitz, the catelogue looks just so lovely...

..online shop..
..contact Beth..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

caramel baby and child


Caramel baby & child speaks for itself.


Found this awesome and very colourful shop, go take a look. .Kinchi Obviously an animal lover, especially cats.


Mette Antero KjÆr...Mette makes these original shirts herself...from light weight cotton, they all have appliqued patches of vintage fabric, and a crocheted closure in the front. They also have a little slit on both sides. They make me smile with the hints of prints, bright colours and classic design. The girls blouses are so sweet too.

..where to buy..