Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Have Kittens.

On the 15th of November our cat Perdie (Perdita) had kittens!!
 It was so exciting. The timing was perfect although it was a very late night. She started to get very restless about 8pm and was going into my cupboard and following me around. When the kids had gone to sleep I thought I might try to cut some fabric out in my sewing room, well that wasn't going to happen.
 Perdie was rolling all over my lap and I gently massaged her tummy for about um... 3 hours! 
By then i knew she wasnt just extra cuddly so I got a spot ready under Stevies bed cause she has one of those IKEA beds that are a bunk but with nothing on the ground. And Stevie was sleeping in my bed that night. Anyway completley blabbering on, about midnight I was still rubbing her tummy and drifting off a bit when she got very restless and was meowing in pain and turning in circles. 
Yay our first kitten, did I mention it was my cat having babies, not me! I was very happy for her.
So the rest took a while with about 45 mins in between each one and I think she was so busy licking the one she just had she forgot to push. I tried not to interfer at all but she seemed to like me there and when I was getting a little worried that she wasnt going to push any more I just gently rubbed her tummy again and within a couple of minutes she had another one. So it went like that until about 3:30 am and I was glad there was no more. After all it was a school night.

 She had 4 beautiful kittens. So proud of my girl.

 The next day the kids were so happy to see them, and although one didnt make it the other 3 are doing so great and I feel so lucky we got to have this experience.

So it's 2 weeks on and they are just so cute. These photos are about a week old and they have all now opened their eyes and slowly wobbly walking. We have been trying to leave them alone as much as possible cause Perdie is very protective. So I havent got any decent photos but will try to post some more soon.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Party Dress.

My lovely neighbours asked me to make a dress for their little girl and top for their boy for an engagement party. So I was thrilled!! 
I will post pics of the boy T soon.
I have made Stevie a lot of dresses but all from my head with no pattern and just winging it really, so they don't turn out perfect and I usually have to alter them a few times. So I was a little nervous but stuck to a simple design and just added a few little extras.

This first pic was before I cut the length off and added the ruffle but I am proud to say I did a ruffle!! First time and maybe the last.

 So here it is finished!!
 Stevie is wearing her own little headband/bandana thing I made a while ago but it has matching fabric so it looks ok. 
Wow this girl takes my breath away, I just adore her.

 And again she takes my breath away!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Something Silly.

Funny!! Just cracked me up, especially number 5. So obvious but hilarius.
Found at DudeLOL
Annoying Things to Do on an Elevator

Claire and Matty's Wedding.

Last month my sister Claire got married!!!
It was a beautiful day (weather a little overcast) but the wedding was lovely. Fun, relaxed, cozy and we all had such a great time.
We don't live in the same state so they came down to Victoria and had a small gathering of close family and friends. They had planned this a while ago but since then Claire has fallen pregnant!! Yay! 
I think she was about 26 weeks and she's definetley glowing here!
Love you Sis. xxxxx

 L-R, My big brother Russell, little brother Michael, grandpa 'Dadan' and my Mike.

 They had the wedding at our uncles house in Mt Martha 'Villa Mallorca'. He has renovated it for the last 10 or more years and rents it out as a holiday house but it is truly stunning.

Yum Cha

A few days befor Mike went back to sea we went out for Yum Cha. So yummy although with the morning sickness I suffered later, but it was worth it. We met Michaels Mum, Dad and Sister there.

2012 Owl Calendar

My Owl Barn has done another calendar for all of you owl lovers out there. I loved their one last year and this one looks like it might of topped it.
So go to their site and pick your favourite twelve and put them in which month you like, or if you are in a hurry there is a pre made one ready to download. 
Thank you Owl Barn!!
Also I put their button down the left so you can go straight there.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finally made it to number 5!

Just before I sign off for the night I want to say thanks to Niki for following my blog. Xx And also to my other 3 plus Mike. Woohoo 5 followers, that makes my night!!
  Niki and I worked together years ago and to be honest didn't get along to well, remember that?  Love her now though and she has just started up her own blog so to check it out her is Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor.
Thanks again Nik. xxxx

Arrrgh Matey.

Last month was a busy one for birthdays, our nephew Daniel turned 5!
He was having a pirate party so as Loch already had a Captain Jack Sparrow outfit I would make a pirate one for Jimmy. And so easy, the rougher the better I think.
I very roughly made the top and didn't hem any of it then used freezer paper to paint my design on.
 The pants were a black fleece with patches sewn all over it.

 Then to get into full character, time for the face paint!

 I think Jimmy thought he was a chicken.