Sunday, March 25, 2012


Some smocks I've finally finished, Its taken me a while to figure out the best way to sew up the arm holes. I was too messy at tucking them in so now I put bias binding around.
I think it adds another little detail to them. They are all fully lined and are reversible with a single button at the back top so they flair out at the sides a little. And they look gorgeous with a long sleeve, leggings and boots.
All in the shop here!

Finished Sets.

Here's a few more sets I have put in the shop. Again some may be sold. I have a book shelf of half finished things and it's so nice to start to empty it a little. I've made so many pairs of pamts so now time to match them up with a top. Freezer paper is absolute gold!!
 Harem Set.

 Fox stencil...
 and a cute little fox set.
Quite a lot went into this top. Tree stencil, then more stencils over the top, then I added little ruffles into the shoulder seams. Thats my favourite bit. Just to pretty it up a bit.
 And with the little tribal harem pants. I really love this one!!

Stencil of a....

 happy little whale. This one puts a smile on my face. :)

Marcus Pants

Lots and lots of Marcus Pants. These are still one of my favourite things to make. I love picking out different fabrics and arranging them so they balance in an unbalanced kinda way. ;). I have these in the shop too but some of the ones in these images have sold.


Pirate Set.

Here's a special order I finished. Two cute little pirate sets.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

When Dad Arrives.

This was 5 weeks ago when Michael returned home. He has now left and we're all feeling a bit sad but this is what happens when he comes back!!! So much excitement ( and tears).