Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby Cocoons.

Ok, just found something so adorable. Baby Cocoons! Heard of them? I'm sure you have I'm just a little slow on these things. Anyway first saw one on a great blog I follow and love called small things. Blogger Ginny is having a giveaway there at the momment and this caught my eye.
Top Left.

How cute is that. So I thought I'd have a little look around at some others and I found these.

Via Digital Photography School


Sosorosey :: Newborn WombEE (TM) : art baby knit mother cocoon crochet photographer chenille motherhood newborn preemies wrap

So there you go, cute huh. As our new bub will be due May I'm going to attempt to crochet one, I'll try to remember to post it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jimmy's Party

Here's a look at Jimmy's party.
I made these for the girls in the pass the parcel and the boys had echo microphones.
 I made a bunting out of a big curtain remnant I had and I just ironed on the letters and pictures, very quick and easy. If you remember the invites it's the same moustache and glasses.

 Jimmy room.
Then time to party.
I didn't take a pic but we had 'Pin the specs on Jimmy'
 Pinyata, always funny.


 And the cake, yummo.

And then....

Jimmy's 2

 I said on here a while ago I would post about Jimmy's Birthday. So a month and a half later here it is. 
This was his actual birthday, we took him and loch to breakie at our favourite little place and we felt so bad cause Stevie was at school.
As you can see he is quite the little pig with zero table manners.

Then that night I had to make a cake for his party the next day and also a little one for his real birthday, and again NO manners.

Happy Birthday Jimmy. xx

Secrets out.

Ok so I have to fess up, I have not been blogging at all lately due to the fact that I suffer extreme morning sickness! Yep I am pregnant with bubba number 4!!
We are so so happy and excited. It's only early days and I'm only about 9 weeks but I can never keep these things a secret. Especially as I'm to sick to leave the house.
Mike was at work for 2 weeks then he had to come home to look after us and has to go back in 2 weeks so i'm really hoping that I'm a lot better by then.
I can't say I didn't know this would happen as it has been the same with every pregnancy. I usually lose 10 kilo in the first month of being sick cause I just cannot eat or keep it down. And obviously with more kids to look after the harder it is.
So as much as I would love to have 5, 6 kids I'm pretty sure this will be the last. A sad thought but 4 is a nice number. The next month or so I might try to post photos of things I have made over the year that I never put up. 
Heres a few memories.
Pregnant with Stevie
Four Generations. My mum, me with Stevie and my grandpa.

 Stevie 9 months with dad.

 Baby Lachlan.
Loch 2 months at Stevie's 2nd birthday.
The night before Jimmy was born, madly nesting!!
 Newborn Jimmy
 Stevie and Jimmy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Toddlin Town

Aren't these the cutest. Toddlin Town is a German brand that handmake all these gorgeous retro style kids clothes.

Handmade retro-inspired children's clothing, dresses, pants, overalls