Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our new family member.

This is Perdie our new little kitten. Yep we got sucked in. We were just going to the supermarket and stupidly stopped via the pet shop to have a look and walked out with this gorgeous girl.
Stevie got the name from 101 Dalmatians...Perdita. Cute, well she's got a visit to Stevie's kinder tomorrow so that is very exciting for Stevie. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lovely Prints

Here are some lovely and clever prints I have randomly found on the net and not sure where I found them as I just saved them as I go so sorry not to credit anyone. If anyone knows let me know and I will gladly give credit were due.

bedtime routine
Found one... above is from a room somewhere and she bought it from Etsy seller My Sweet Prints.

Morse Code Necklaces

I'm in love with these Morse code necklaces! They spell out things like "Mum," "Friend," "Love," even your name. What a brilliant idea.

Locket Love

Artist Alyson Fox and jewelry studio Verabel have collaborated to make these a-maz-ing lockets. Aren't they beautiful?
I found these via the very awesome blog A CUP OF JO.

Dwell Studio

organic layette
Dwell Studio has the coolest designs and reasonably priced. They have everything from clothes, blankets, toys, stationary, bed sets, bath time, play time....... the list goes on. Check it out here Dwell Studio.

Dwell Studio Wallpaper

Totally customizable and seriously simple- The dwell studio wallpaper is designed to perfectly coordinate with their bedding collections. You get to pick your wall size, color and the scale of the patterns- so you end up with the perfect panels for your own unique room. How cool is that? 
Sparrow Wallpaper

Traffic Wallpaper
The wallpaper is made of 24" pre-pasted paper panels that are easy to install. And the cutting-edge wallpaper material is easy to remove and safe for your walls. 
Start your own design HERE> 

Fun in the sun.

Jimmy had a ball today playing outside in the lovely sun splashing around in his bucket. I ran the bath later that night and he walked outside and hopped in the bucket so I went back and forth to the bathroom with a watering can and filled it then back outside and tipped it over his head. I don't think i'm going to be able to get him in the bath anymore, Don't you just love summer!
Veggie patch is doing well. I think I may have overpacked it a little.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Indoor TreeHouse

This is one of the coolest rooms i've ever seen. I don't even know where you would start if you were to imitate this but it would be a lot of

Hide away

Some beautiful hideouts for kids.
Closet Play Space Via ohdeedoh

From the playful shape to the bright colors this playhouse is all about fun! The loft space provides a great area for big kids to read or just daydream, and the rope ladder could be rolled up when little ones are around. I love the functionality of this space. Having a place for multiple activities really encourages children to use it. For more information on this playhouse visit Family Living.

Isn't this the sweetest house. I think the story behind this one is that it was used as a house for a couple while they built their big house, It would be the perfect cubby for any child.

Above is a beautiful image of the Embroidered House by Greer Honeywill I love this.
It would be lovely outside somewhere among lots of lush green.
And this one is more for big girls... it's so dreamy. Like something out of a video clip.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fun Rainy Day

Last week Victoria had a HUGE down pour, actually I drove through a puddle that took up the whole road. It came up to my doors and my car is fairly high up so it was a little scary....I won't do that again in a hurry.
But at home Loch had a ball, When we got there we found that the backyard was flooded and he was straight in it.
 And as usual it didn't take long for his clothes to come off. He had so much fun and it wasn't really cold so I let him enjoy every minute. Then he had a nice warm bath to clean him up....Ahhhh carefree kids.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another lovely teepee

Via OhJoy.

The Honeymooner.

I am loving Lauren Moffatt's spring 2011 collection, entitled "The Honeymooner" Notice all the waistlines... I was trying on a skirt and it was too small, I was a little shocked as it was my size then the lovely assistant told me it's meant to be worn higher. Whoops.

Sweet as Candy

 J.Crew's newest Crew Cuts 

Paul and Joe Sister

...loving the current collection by Paul & Joe Sister...
yellow and grey go so well together.