Monday, April 25, 2011

Marla Cielo.

Aren't these envelope clutches by New York designer Marla Cielo just fantastic? Each one is completely unique, due to the process of hand-painting large leather "canvasses", cutting them into strips, and then weaving the pieces into a bag. What a great technique! Check out the website to see the whole range.
Found at Marvelous Kiddo

Friday, April 22, 2011

Our trip to Sydney.

Here's some shots of our trip to Sydney. We had an awesome time. Thank you to Michaels brother David and Neil for having us at your lovely inviting home. I know the kids had such a nice time with you both and just hope they didn't trash the house too much. x x x x x
 Jimmy was in heaven at the airport, constantly shouting PLANE at us all.

Finally at David and Neil's house.
 A little stop at the park for Jimmy...
 as the other 2 were just too tired.
 Heading to the Aquarium!!
King Neptune made from LEGO.
 Sorry pics are a bit blurry.

The next day it was storming in Sydney so we went to a local pub and caught up with Mike's cousin Claire and husband Mac and 2 kiddies Leon and Frankie. Michael's sister Lucy was also staying at Dave's house for a couple of days so it was nice family get together.
David, Michael and Lucy.
 Me and David.
 Stevie, Neil and David.
Michael, Stevie, Neil and David.

 And I know this looks really bad but the kids were really tired so they had a kip at the pub. 
 Our last day we had a little sight seeing and had some yummy lunch near the Opera House while taking in the sights of Sydney.
Family shot :)

 The kids held hands while going for a little wander, so cute!

 And then it took its toll again and the boys had a sleep on the way to the airport.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cold Day At The Beach.

This was a couple of months ago but I just found these pics and thought I'd post them. It was quite a cold day and the kids were a little mad going for a swim, then after that we accidentally locked the keys in the car (our glass lifts up in the boot and the keys were inside). So we had to wait a couple of hours for the RACV. Luckily we were at a park.

plants and animal softies.

I found these beautiful softies over at Etsy store plants and animals. They are so sweet, the croc is my favourite.

Dayton the Owl

Tooth Fairy Friend Monster Pillow

Sleepy Raymond

Radar the Robot

Monday, April 18, 2011

Feather Mobile.

These lovely mobiles are from after all. I love the painted branches.

Sweet William

Sweet William is so sweet. I love the retro and playfulness feel of their clothes. The red bird bag is just so sweet too. I really want to try to make something like that for Stevie.

Felted Bird Houses

Over at Betz White I found these gorgeous birdhouses. You can check it out and she also has classes for these here...Felted Birdhouse Workshop.

Purple and green plus orange: such a beautiful color combination! (via KickiL) 

The use of covered buttons on the bird and roof is a nice touch. (via vsk03)

These cuties (via Alexandra408) have all sorts of extra details

Need Supply.Com

Some lovely finds over at Need

Apache Mandala

Flower Bottle Necklace

Song Bird Skirt

Perennial Tank

Peachy Tee

Blue Belle Dress

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Found at Poppy Talk here are some awesome mushrooms:

everything lyndie dourthe creates is pretty much magic. her fascinating use of textiles and paper immediately draw me in to her world, and these fabric mushrooms are no exception.

{ photo by lyndie dourthe }
speaking of magical, hello enchanting little mushroom house!

{ photo by caglarcity }
you can always make your own mushrooms out of recycled paper ~ sounds like the perfect rainy-day project!.
{ photo and tutorial from posh makes }

tiny mushrooms in thimble planters? how sweet is that!
{ photo by margaret oomen }

the most breath-taking architecture. you'd feel like alice in wonderland in this space!

{ via on display -
photo by phil rogers

these gorgeous little champignons were hiding in a vintage french dictionary.

{ photo by cori kindred }

salvaged leather mushrooms ~ so gorgeous! and i love any project that uses scraps that would otherwise be thrown out.

{ from nuno magazine via made of cloth }