Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun in the sun.

Well the kids got a slip and slide from their Aunty's and Uncle for Christmas. Thank you so much!! 
With a nice hot day and a bit of water, they had the time of their lives. 
 I tried to make a clothesline marquee, which seemed to do the trick.

 Such a beautiful, wonderful, special, special day with the kids.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jimmy has a sweet tooth!

Jimmy at his friend Piper's birthday party (the same day I met Hugh Jackman) hahaha! He REALLY enjoyed the cake.

              So too did little Jaeda       
And birthday girl Piper.

Mike, No need to rush home.

I've got my new friend HUGH JACKMAN to keep me company. Just kidding I wouldn't swap you for anyone in the whole world! Brad Pitt would come no no I'm kidding!! I was lucky enough to spot Hugh at the park and I got a pic with him.
I know he would get that everywhere but he was great to have a photo. 
My sister is so funny, she said I should've grabbed his butt!!! Can you imagine his reaction. Hahaha that would've been priceless.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nine Months in- Nine Months out.

9 months in.
Nine months in...

9 months out.
...and nine out.
 From a blogger in Paris called Smallesthings. It's a great blog. The growing tummy is always a beautiful thing to see.

Free People

Stumbled across this shop. It's called Free People and they have some really unique clothes, accessories, underwear, shoes, jewellery... you name  it. I think it's a U.S. site but they do have post to Aus.
Not necessarily a cheap shop but your sure to find something you'll treasure.
Lace Maxi Patchwork Dress

Peruvian Holidays Dress

FP-1 Desert Florals Maxi Skirt
FP Carpenter Straight Leg

Happy Trails Tunic

Nicholas K Dress


Just a recent shot of veggie patch, the sunflowers are going crazy. Also Stevie was the photographer for this shot. Thanks Rabbit.
And Stevie with our beans, so so yummy. I haven't cooked any yet because the kids just eat them as soon as they've been picked. Mmm Mmmm
And these were our first strawberries.

Anyone seen this boy?

 Last seen kayaking off Ricketts Point.

He was in his element.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Secret Squirrel Clothing.

Secret Squirrel is so great. Lots of casual everyday wear and some beautiful dresses and skirts when frocking up.

242639411711I could easily put the entire collection on but I'm stopping myself now!


Hannah  Hetterson collection is a wonderful blend of comfortable and sweet. I love love love that striped top.

Before and After

Mike is usually somewhat like this at home. Usually a bit of stubble then he goes to sea and....
 Wow that's one great beard.

All Indian

Well I love everything Indian and I found this post at Design Shimmer so I stole it. No really it's a great blog so check it out.

Playing with the Moon


Such pretty colours for the Thomsen collection.
(found via unruly things)

Bath time.

Home in the Netherlands.. That's a pretty cool idea, the kids would have a ball!

Christmas Rules

More great blogs.

Lightbluegrey is a gorgeous blog from dutch mum Hetty.

 Hetty enjoys making things by hand in her free time (she works in architecture), especially for her two daughters. She has great taste,  imagination and flair when it comes to crafting.

 Have look for yourself, I doubt you'll be disappointed!