Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bike Gang

After Xmas Mike found this cool bike for Stevie from the op shop. It was.... $8!! Such a cool bike. But no training wheels which was great as Stevie just taught herself (with help from Mike) in an afternoon to ride.
 Great to see how proud she was every time she managed to do one more pedal than the last, and now she has it mastered. So in the next street from us are some new roads and it's perfect for all the kids to have a play.

My Little Fruit Picker

I had a great little helper the other day. We have a large nectarine tree and this year it has had HEAPS of fruit. A little too much and one of the branches snapped so I asked Jimmy to pick all the fruit for me.
 It was just heaven watching this gorgeous little boy in the sun try to climb up and pick every last fruit. He did such a great job and the fruit is delicious!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We went camping in the holidays and it was beautiful. We will definitely be doing that again soon, we had the most beautiful spot right next to a very full and rapid river. So nice just to sit, listen and watch the kids run around. And Michael was in his element, he would of stayed there for another month if he could. The kids just loved every second (well maybe not Jimmy in the middle of the night when he would wake for 2 hours crying and saying he wanted to go home). They were great with helping and gathering kindling for the fire. 
Beautiful park in Walhalla

 We found some leeches on our clothes after this walk. 

 Stevie took this photo. pretty amazing!

 I love this one.

 Mmmmm toasted marshmallows!!!

 And the kids ran and ran and ran.