Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beautiful Bedrooms

Some lovely bedrooms if anyone needs any inspiration, or maybe just to day dream.
Found Via Country Living

Saturday, June 25, 2011

DIY Paper Garland.

Here's a great rainy day project and with minimal supplies needed! I think the kids would love to help out with this one too. Great fun together, maybe for the upcoming school holidays!
Also I just found the best blog. Hambley Screen Prints. It has tonnes of tutorials and also lots for screen printing. Yay I need some serious tips.

What You’ll Need:

  • Several sheets of coordinating papers  (Laurie used an assortment of patterned Hambly papers)
  • A circle craft punch – approximately 2 inches  in diameter
  • Paper glue
  • Two yards of string
1.       Use your circle craft punch to punch out 7 circles for each ball in your garland.  (for a two yard garland, you’ll want to make 12 - 18 balls, depending on how close you want them together)  SEE IMAGE A
2.       Fold all of your circles in half so the patterned side of the paper is on the inside.  (SEE IMAGE B)
3.      Select seven circles, and one by one, glue them back to back to form a little half-circle book.     (SEE IMAGES C, D, and E)
4.      Take the string and make a loop and knot.  Run the string along the “spine” of the book.  (SEE IMAGE F)  Glue the back cover and front cover together to form a ball. (SEE IMAGE G)
5.       Continue to make and add the balls until you reach the end of your string.   Make another loop and knot to finish.  (SEE IMAGE H)
Be sure to see the rest of her projects in her Hambly gallery!

My Dream House.

Isn't this just THE dream house. I love the lightness and cozy look to it and oh I can just imagine the kids running around here.
Isn't it nice to dream sometimes!!

All images from Shootfactory
 Found via Lovely Clusters.

Elephant Ceramics

I just so so love these. I have posted about these before but just looking at these images cheer me up. By Michele from Elephant Ceramics, I just want to fill my entire cupboards with these.

photos by Jennifer Causey

Wall Murals

Found all these on Flickr. 


Pokemon Wall by Gustavo Liuzzi

By PED74

Space By byondbyond

 And to top it off these are all done By Timothy Cornelius. I'm speechless, they just look amazing.




Mad Men.

Has everyone seen Mad Men. Yes I am a little slow but with having to recover from the surgery I have some time to lie around and do nothing. And I'm loving it!! So for all those fans here is a Don Draper shot. Well maybe a few. 

Klaus Haapaniemi

Wow I love these. These are by Klaus Haapaniemi and I think they are unique and so awesome.
I would love to design a tattoo with that much detail in it. 
Silk Scarves

Friday, June 24, 2011

Polkka Jam

This is Finnish label Polkka Jam. Click here for the translated site. I love their bright and bold prints.

Photos: Jukka Salminen / Tiger Picture

Totem Poles.

I love totem poles, made by SUPERNINON. They are really cool, would be great to make giant ones for a feature in a kids room. As long as they weren't to scary!!

DIY for Kids.

This is great. Found at Giddy Giddy. There is a full tutorial there to follow and I think the kids would love them. 
And now I know what to do with all the cardboard that seems to build up around here, Great idea.
Gizmo 3

Magical Paper World.

This is Tilly the Elephant.
Oh, how wonderful!!
Fideli sundqvist

Fideli sundqvist1
Fideli sundqvist3
Fideli Sundqvist creates a magical paper world!  You can see much much more magic over here:
 Found at Giddy Giddy

DIY Stamp Collecting Album

Some days I come across GOLD. I found this cool new blog Giddy Giddy and it's full of great DIY's for the kids and you to do. 
I love this one because we had Stamp Albums when we were kids and I loved looking through them and reorganising them. We used to take such good care of them, I wonder where they are now? I'm sure my mum would still have them.
 This is a DIY Stamp Collecting Album
Book 10
Book 11
The materials you will need:
*Cardstock paper
*2 paper maps 
*Glassine envelopes 
*Leather scrap
*White masking tape
*Rubber cement glue (acid free) ** Do not use white glue (or rubber cement that is NOT acid free) as this will discolor the paper over time.
*Thin cord (leather, cotton or synthetic)
*Scissors or preferably a paper cutter.

Step 1:
Cut cardstock paper desired size.
For my example, I used 3 inches by 3 inches cardstock pages.
Step 2: 
Cut map into long strips which will be used to cover the cardstock pages.  
I used a paper cutter cut 3 inch strips the entire length of the map.
Step 3
Tape pages together using white masking tape. 
Step 4:
Brush rubber cement onto cardstock and adhere precut map onto the pages. 

Giddy giddy diy stamp collector
Step 5: 
Now you can glue the glassine envelopes on each page using rubber cement. I cut the envelopes to size and then oriented them so that the envelope opening is facing the center binding.
Step 6:
Using a leather scrap, I cut a little jacket for my book and sewed long strap onto it.
Step 7:
Attach the leather jacket by wrapping cord around the center and knotting on the exterior.

Giddy giddy DIY stamp collector 2
Hope that was clear! Now you can brag that you are a certifiable Philatelist!
Stamp book giddy giddy