Friday, August 13, 2010

Harriet Goodall

I found this via pia jane bijkerk's blog. She has some great posts and this is one of them. I'll leave it in her words as she describes it so well.

country style- Harriet Goodall, her home & property in Robertson NSW, and her incredible woven creations…


CC_harrietgoodall5Harriet’s story about how she came to be weaving baskets is as beautiful as her creations themselves. She says she has always been drawn “to the ephemeral and imperfect beauty of natural materials and have forever collected buckets of shells, driftwood, beautiful leaves, bones, moss and feathers with no particular purpose in mind.” Sounds delightfully familiar. She saw a flyer for a basketry course in Mittagong and decided to join up because it fitted perfectly with her love of art made from nature. After another course she was well and truly hooked on the craft. Inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy,Herman de Vries, and Chris Drury, Harriet says that the wonderful thing about baskets is that “it’s possible to harvest your garden then sit on a patch of ground and, just with your hands alone, make something that’s strong, useful and beautiful – while knowing that women have done this for millenia”…


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