Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pretty Dresses

British-based Nadinoo's dresses are so cute. The headbands are great and so to are the peacock prints. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Coco and Ginger

New label from Bali, Coco and Ginger is creating a buzz and I'm not surprised. They have some of the sweetest things I have ever seen, makes you want summer right away.

IOU Cards

Oh these are so cute!
Set like a deck of playing cards, there are 50 cards in a clear plastic box. Each card is an IOU - from 'make biscuits' to 'stay in your pjamas all day'
Found at My Messy Room, you can buy them instore now.

Cried Wolf

For all those mums out there with boys, you know how hard it can be to find choice in boyswear..  Cried Wolf has some awesome boys stuff. Original, fun and coooool.

Weird looking or what?

I sometimes worry about Michael out at sea and hope the ocean and weather are being kind to him, well here's the proof. Apparently it's a Dolphin Fish, it's so strange and alien like. Not sure if it's good eating but well done hun, now get back to work. x x

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Heavenly Creatures

Heavenly Creatures is stunning. Made in Melbourne, awesome quality and designs are just so sweet, magical and so so cool, I love that squid shirt, very spunky. I found this via My Messy Room and I know they stock it but not sure where else but I will find out and post it.


Paperwings  is so beautiful, they have a real eye for detail and they are committed to only making organic clothing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Veggie Patch Update

Here's a newish pic of the veggies, well no veggies yet but I am so amazed at how quick things come up. It's been about 3 weeks that we started these and most were from seeds so it's going well.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Birthday!

It was my birthday today and I am now 26. Well yesterday the 19th of October, it's past midnight as usual. I edited this photo and I love the sky but the rest are just Jimmy and I this afternoon playing around the washing line, seems to be his favourite game lately, ducking in and out of the towels and sheets. 
We had a lovely quiet day, my mum and grandpa ( Dadan) came over for a little while and the kids were great and it was a very nice birthday.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Motherchildbag by Reisenthel

motherchilbag by reisenthel
This reusable shopping bag is designed for a parent. It also aim at improving the safety and the bound between kids and parents. 
motherchilbag in 4 colors by reisenthel
Even when you are alone, you will appreciate the fact that it comes with a pair of short handles and two long handles for your comfort. The tear -proof polyester bag has an interior zipped pocket to safely store your odds and ends. There is also a mobile pocket. The bag is available in 4 colours.

Tree Life

Oh I wish that was my bed!
Via The Cool Hunter

Kids Spaces

Here's some really cool children's furniture, rooms and spaces I stumbled across.
These 3 are from a private kindergarten in Israel found at The Cool Hunter
This bed is from thukaonline.co.uk. It starts as a low toddler bed then goes to this, then you can make it higher and turn it into a bunk and then the last stage is to go higher again and have another bed and desk, pretty clever.
I like the look of the bed on the floor, the next ones are from Luxury Home Interiors
contemporary luxury teen room furniture set
And if it's a small space you've got then this looks like the perfect solution
stylish space saving kids room furniture
stylish kids room furniture design
And if your looking for a fairy room this one one should inspire
exclusive luxury baby crib design idea
contemporary kids bedroom interior design

Pallet bed

toddler bed, kids eco furniture, recycled materials, DIY, pallet bed, shipping pallets, lori danelle
There are some seriously crafty parents out there, like Lori Danelle who took shipping pallets and transformed them into the cutest toddler bed. So cute, in fact, you might even consider figuring out how to make this into your own adult size bed. Lori took two shipping pallets, cut them and pieced them together to make this eco- and kid-friendly toddler bed and even shares her hints and tips for theDIY project on her blog.

Tree Bookshelf

tree bookshelf, shawn soh, icff, international contemporary furniture fair, green furniture, green kids, green baby, sustainable furniture, eco furniture, eco kids, metal furniture, storage
This has to be the best children's bookshelf ever. The Tree Bookshelf would be a great feature in any room, actually it would be great for my fabric.

tree bookshelf, shawn soh, icff, international contemporary furniture fair, green furniture, green kids, green baby, sustainable furniture, eco furniture, eco kids, metal furniture, storage

Changable Furniture

Espace Loggia, small spaces, green kids, eco kids, green babies, eco babies
Found via Inhabitat,  EspaceLoggia, a French company founded in the 1970s by actress Brigitte Bardot’s sister, makes modest dwellings work by maximizing the use of vertical space. The modular nature of the company’s furnishing systems also means that they can be adapted over time to respond to changing needs—evolving as your own child grows.


Some places for kids to run away, hide, play, get up to mischief and sleep.
Found via Giver's Log.

12-treepee_smthe treepee, found via here
how to make a backyard tent
a backyard pavillion, made by 
this lovely lady, found via One Pretty Thing
willowpavillioni know, wow, right? available here

bedroom play tentavailable here

how to build a DIY handmade kids tentthis looks totally doable, found via One Pretty Thing
il_430xN.103105342available here
personalized table play tentready to throw over your card table, and available here
beautiful play tentsbeautiful tents available here and here

Blabia Kids Handmade Mobiles

dream ring, blabla kids, natural knits, handmade knit, handmade mobile, baby mobile, nursery decor, green baby, eco baby, green mobile
This spring Blabla Kids is introducing seven fresh new handmade Dream Ring mobiles, all of which are designed to bring an extra splash of wonder and whimsy to your child’s wall or window. Each Dream Ring is lovely and contemporary, made with hand-knit designs in natural fibres. They really are beautiful and so many fine details like the little mushrooms.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A sunny afternoon well spent.

I've been staring at this corner for a long time wondering what to do and also it was just dirt so when I would push Jimmy in the swing I would be pretty much be standing in mud. So this lovely sunny afternoon I covered it with pavers. It's very lumpy and uneven but it's ok for now. Might try to redo it when Mike's back and I also want to get a heap of those lovely ground covers to scatter through so it softens the edges of the pavers.
I did the same last year but in a circle next to the sandpit but they got full sun and were too hot to stand on so this spot is in shade most of the day, especially when the apple tree gets it's lush leaves back.