Sunday, August 8, 2010

How About Orange Is Awesome!

DIY key holder- Posted at How About Orange

Here's what I did with that folksy flower design I made: a key rack. And hey, if you're going to drag out all the stuff to make one, why not make a few, I thought to myself. This is probably going inside our coat closet where the lighting is bad, so excuse me for not photographing it in action. Follow along if you want to make one.

1. I picked out a smooth, 4" wide pine board at Home Depot, and Alex cut it into 9" lengths for me. My job was to hold it steady, and I'm pleased to report I still have all my fingers. Sand the wood corners a bit to make them smooth.

2. Find some decorative paper you want to use on the front, or get a color laser print like I did. Trim your paper so it's 1/4" larger than your wood piece.

3. Paint the sides of your board a coordinating color. I did the back, too, so it would look more finished. I used acrylic paint.

4. Brush the front of your board with acrylic gel medium. I thinned it with a little water. You could use Mod Podge instead. Center the sticky side of the board over the back side of your paper and press it down. Flip the whole thing right side up and smooth out any bubbles with your fingers.

5. Turn it face down again and trim off the excess paper with an X-acto knife.

6. Apply more coats of gel medium over the entire surface of your board, letting each one dry before adding the next. I did three.

7. Attach hooks and hangers. Put some little felt squares on the back corners to keep the key holder from scratching your wall. (Or stick it up with wall mounting adhesive, but realize it might pull your paint off later when you want to take it down!)

These guys are waiting for something to happen to them. Hooks? Presents for people to hang as little pictures in a nursery? Hmm. Yet to be determined.

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