Thursday, August 26, 2010

my wild tribe

I was asked by my gorgeous friend Mandy to make 2 costumes for a dress up party for her equally gorgeous boys. She left it completely up to me as to what they would be. So i decided to do a pirate for her 2 & 1/2 year old Hudson and an Indian for her 6 month old Otis.
Jimmy is modelling it for me here but is pretty snug on him. I have also added a pair of booties that were Stevies but the style is perfect and a headband with 2 feathers in it. I'll post the entire outfit in a few days
And here's my pirate. I have 3 different hats so i'll let Mandy pick her fave. I also did a sash/belt but it looks really good tied around the head and I found a cutlass at Kmart that will look great. So cute Arrghhh.
Stevie dressed herself up here as a cowgirl. I have a really cute fairy picture that would make the best outfit so i'll try that next. I need to get a big trunk to fill with dress ups, they have so much fun!!

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