Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recycle your jumpers.

One last post before bed. I had a pile of old woollen jumpers i've been saving and finally got around to using them. As you may know I like to recycle and what better to make some old jumpers into a lovely warm woollie blanket for winter.
So first I laid the squares out..
 All good so sewed them together.
 Then did the other half and Presto...finished.
 Jimmy came in as I was taking the photo so I asked him to lay down on the blanket so I could take a photo of him on there and well.......
 what can I say.......He's a funny little boy!

 And Lola likes it, she has put a few little holes in it with her little needle teeth but nothing that can't be fixed.
 Finally Jimmy got the idea.

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