Thursday, May 19, 2011


Found at another blog I LOVE...the rikrak studio has done such a great job finding these treasures.
Start daydreaming NOW!!
 let's kick things off with a safari slumber party  at loisaba wildness in kenya

Wow I could just sun bake in there for the entire day! via HDI

What a view and a built-in bookcase too? via architechtural digest

brilliant tee pee bedroom via juv

how about this royal botania hammock via modeco .
gentleman not included.

 perched on a rocky cove in carmel by sagan piechota architecture

this entire home is breathtaking by miller hull.

while in manhattan, how about the mandarin oriental hotel?

 i am ABSOLUTELY in love with this entire all-glass home by santambrogio.
practical? certainly not. brilliant? certainly!

This is amazing. Imagine the kids here, they would be in HEAVEN.
the proposed underwater hotel poseidon in fiji.

  oh my heavens. yes please! via sellsius

How relaxing does that look. I feel like I've been on holidays just looking at these. hilton hotel pattaya

Very cosy, dont think I could get out though! via alex goecks

how about a tree right IN your bedroom? via juv

 and breathe.... via housedesign

wow. With a view of the red sea, that's amazing the kempinski hotel aqaba

okay! via distro

the lovely jade mountain resort, st.lucia

 lovin' this forest bedroom via trendir. That tree is beautiful!

dream the night away in this hector ruiz velazquez room.

... and goodnight.via mabeslor

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  1. Really Nice Collections of Rooms....loved to stay in it...