Monday, May 30, 2011

Moonlit Sanctuary.

This was a few weeks ago before Mike left. We had a great day at The Moonlit Sanctuary in Pearcedale.
We have been there heaps and heaps of times and the kids just love it. The kangaroos and wallabies just roam freely so it's nice when they just pop up somewhere or follow the kids.
This owl was really cool, it made the weirdest sound. I'm not sure if it loved Loch or wanted to eat him but every time he went near the cage it would fly over and come near him.

 The first of many.

 This one was a little pesky, not that it bothered Loch.
 My pretty little girl, she is so amazing with all animals.

 Jimmy just wanted the BIG ones.
 My spunky guys! Mike is a shit though. He always teases these corellas and there is one grumpy one that tries to get his fingers, and then Jimmy tried it.
 Whoooops, close call.
 No harm done. Also thank you to Mike's mum Mary for his gorgeous Jumper. We did loose one button but I have got it to sew back on. x x x x x

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