Friday, May 6, 2011

Fresh Veggies, Mmmmm Mmm.

Some fresh veggies from our patch. I was so happy with the squash. They are huge, bright and so delicious looking. I did first grow them for Mike as he loves them but now I love them!
And my yummy chillies.

 Although my carrots aren't very big the kids love to be bugs bunny and do the 'ahhh what's up doc?'.

 And my radishes only took a few weeks, so fast growing but my biggest baby is the pumpkin. I was scared to pick it but I thought it's colour was slowly fading a bit so i cut it down! Then I heard you have to leave them for a few weeks until they hear hollow if you knock on them. 

 After all that I think it was fine and I just roasted it and had it with lentil and feta cakes (hash brown like) and a salad and it was yummy but I think it could've stayed on the plant for a couple more weeks.

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