Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our New Girl.

Just to stir things up a little around here we decided to get a new little PUPPY!
She's such a sweetie. We called her Lolly or as Stevie likes to call her Lol.
She's an American Staffy and was sold to us as pure but I think she's mixed with something, maybe generations ago.
Just as I started writing this I had to go clean up a BIG mess in the laundry! I think she snacked on a bit of cat food and maybe even some scraps the kids gave her and her little tummy definitely did not agree. Glad that's over (for now).
 Her newest best friend is Lochie. She LOVES him. She follows him everywhere and always goes and sits next to his bed. I guess 3 is a good age to get a puppy. Old enough not to get knocked around too much and able to run away. Little Jimmy has had a few run ins, she just likes to jump up on him and he's not really sure what to do yet so he just sits. But 1 day has made all the difference, when Lolly jumped up on Jimmy today he pointed his finger and yelled "OUT". And she ran away.
 Lachie was laughing hysterically here. He's not bothered by her playing rough with him.

 About 30 seconds before this pic I said 'Don't run in the mud'. ......Whoops Jimmy.
 And then Loch had to follow.
 They did have so much fun though. There's something about boys and dirt that just goes so well.

 We mostly got Lolly as a friend for Louie our white lab and he has been having a great time chasing her around the backyard.

 Funny pic. She was jumping up at my legs, trying to hold on and well....fell.
 Her favourite spot, Loch's lap.

 And I took her into school for Stevie to show everyone. 

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