Monday, May 23, 2011

Kinda DIY Fairy Dress.

I've got a new favourite thing to make, A Fairy Dress. It's so quick and fun for the kids to wear.
It's very simple to make so i'm sure anyone could figure it out but here are a fews points.
I start with an already made T shirt. I bought a heap from Cotton On a while back and there light weight fabric and long cut has been perfect.
So next I cut out a circle skirt and pin to bottom of T shirt then sew.
 So it's like this and this alone would look pretty but for the kids let's add some wings.
 Wings ready to go on. I sewed elastic on through the inside for extra strength. 

 Then I cut along the seam sections (these tops have a unusual seam, as you can kinda see in the front) for the wings to go into then sew that and all done.
 I made this one for our neighbours girl who was turning 4. Then after Stevie saw it I made her one and it was my niece's 3rd birthday so I also made one for her which looked adorable. The smaller the cuter I think.
Stevie modelling/dancing for me.

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