Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stevie's 5!!

Well on the 20th of March it was Stevie's birthday and I can't believe it, she's 5. Time flies. She has been really looking forward to this one. It seems to be a real turning point and Stevie will say she'a a big girl now she's 5. 
And she is, going to school and she has made me so proud how well she is coping with it all.
Unfortunately Michael is still at work for another couple of weeks so will have to do something special when he's back.
Here's some photo's from her birthday and of course she was up before the sun was and I love those sleepy faces.
We had a lovely family lunch and Thank You to all that came, it was a really nice day

 I love these shots, this is just Stevie loving a bit of  time on her own

 How gorgeous is she!!!

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