Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DIY Felt Owl

Make a cute owl with me today!
Supplies needed:
a styrofoam ball (any size you want! I bought a bunch of these balls before christmas and wanted to turn them into ornaments. But somehow I forgot about it)
felt in matching colours (+ white felt for the eyes and yellow or orange felt for the beak)
plastic eyes (the small ones)
hot glue gun (regular glue should work as well)

That’s all!
First, cut several leaf-shaped pieces from your felt.
You will need a bunch of them so cut, cut, cut!
Start sticking the “leaves” on the ball. Only use one small dot of glue on the tip of the felt piece so your owl will look more “fluffy”!
Let the top “leaves” cover the bottom ones.
Once you have finished covering the styrofoam ball with felt,
cut two circles from white felt.
These are going to be the owls’ eyes.
Stick them on the ball.
And then add the black plastic eyes.
Cut the beak from yellow or orange felt.
And you get an owl!!!!!!!!
You might want to try different styles of this cute owl….
Thank you Katja from maedchenmitherz. It's a great idea and i'm gonna have to try these tomorrow!


  1. Looking forward to use up all the little balls to make this little one. Thank you!

  2. Its really thank you to Katja but thanks for leaving a comment. It's so nice to think people actually look at my blog. Good luck with your little owls, I'm sure they will be beautiful.