Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For Tama's Kids.

Finally I finished a gift I have been making for ages. I would put it away for a couple of weeks then do a bit more, then change it, then put it away so FINALLY here is a gift for Tama's kids. Sizes are girls 5, boys 4 and another boys 3. Hope they fit and hope they like them. I WILL post them off today!


  1. Hi
    We received our wonderful package yesterday. A big thank you to you for such a beautiful gift. The kids absolutely love them and they fit perfect.
    I felt inspired to do some sewing too. Mostly I knit and crochet so I would probably need some sewing lessons before I embark on any projects with my machine.

    Once again thankyou. Robyn (Tama's partner)

  2. Hi Robyn,
    So glad you like the clothes, it made my day. If you had any pics I would love to see them. My email is shazzashazoo@yahoo.com. I hope the kids get a lot of wear from the clothes and I am so so so happy you all like them.