Thursday, March 31, 2011

Save The Children.

I found this post at the red thread and it's very touching. It is so easy to not do anything but the feeling of giving is amazing so please try to do your bit.

I was shocked to read that according to charity Save The Children about 100,000 children have been displaced as a result of Japan's recent earthquake and tsunami.

One hundred thousand children.

A lot of those children are existing in desperate conditions. Some have lost one or both parents, siblings or extended family, they've had their homes destroyed and many are suffering anxiety and emotional trauma.

Image Source: LIFE
The priority for charity Save The Children has been to establish child friendly places where children can connect with each other and play and hopefully ward off long term emotional trauma. I know that some of us might be suffering from donation fatigue following the natural disasters in Queensland and Christchurch, but what has happened in Japan is on such a huge scale and they really need our help. You can donate to Save The Children here.

If you aren't in the position to donate money you could join us in making toys/softies. Lexi (Potty Mouth Mama) and Jac of Operation Angel have got together to organise soft toys for the children of Japan. The toys can be handmade or new. There are drop off points in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide and they will be distributed to children in Japan by Save The Children. This is such a small thing that we can do that will bring joy and comfort to a little one in need. Can you help? Click here to go to Lexi's post with all the info.

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