Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sonny's Room.

Here's a peak into our bubbas new room. I had it ready a couple of weeks before Sonny was born but it feels complete now we have our boy in there.
We didn't find out what we were having but I was pretty sure it was going to be a girl so I did the room unisex. Well I thought it was unisex but people have asked if I knew it was a boy because of all the blue!! I didn't and we had the blue wall and tree from when it was Stevies room.
I like it, it feels nice and calm in there.

Looking in from the doorway

I still need to finish painting these and the yellow is too bright but they're finished enough not to noticed those little bits.

I made this cloud mobile after seeing alot of different ones on the net and I wasnt prepared to pay $60+ for one. Easy to do and it took one evening to make. All done by hand so a good little project to do on thhe couch whilst watching a movie.
 I sourced all these hoops from op shops and I love them!!
 Another easy little cloud mobiles.
 More hoops!
 View out the window to our nectarine tree and veggie patch.
 The 5 year old tree that still isn't finished. Ooops!

 Relaxing in the rocking chair.

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