Sunday, November 27, 2011

Party Dress.

My lovely neighbours asked me to make a dress for their little girl and top for their boy for an engagement party. So I was thrilled!! 
I will post pics of the boy T soon.
I have made Stevie a lot of dresses but all from my head with no pattern and just winging it really, so they don't turn out perfect and I usually have to alter them a few times. So I was a little nervous but stuck to a simple design and just added a few little extras.

This first pic was before I cut the length off and added the ruffle but I am proud to say I did a ruffle!! First time and maybe the last.

 So here it is finished!!
 Stevie is wearing her own little headband/bandana thing I made a while ago but it has matching fabric so it looks ok. 
Wow this girl takes my breath away, I just adore her.

 And again she takes my breath away!

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