Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Michaels Birthday Surprise

Like usual I am shockingly slow with posting things. Last month it was also Mikes birthday.
Ever since Mike was a boy he has always wanted to fly a helicopter so this year as a combined birthday/ fathers day pressie I got him a flight in a helicopter. 
Now the pilot takes off and lands but when your up in the sky it's all in your hands and Michael did not like it one bit. 
Not really like him as he is a bit of a thrill seeker. But he was just not comfortable up there and he was also so glad he did it so he could cross that one of the list.
 Sorry pics are in complete random order.

 View coming back down.
 Stevie and I.
 Our pretty peninsula coastline.

 Michael's dad came to watch too and I think he got the most out of the day. He loved every second of it. 
 Jimmy cried straight after this photo. I think he thought we were sending him up in the sky.
 And Loch loved it.

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