Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finally made it to number 5!

Just before I sign off for the night I want to say thanks to Niki for following my blog. Xx And also to my other 3 plus Mike. Woohoo 5 followers, that makes my night!!
  Niki and I worked together years ago and to be honest didn't get along to well, remember that?  Love her now though and she has just started up her own blog so to check it out her is Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor.
Thanks again Nik. xxxx


  1. Shazz, it's my pleasure I love you blog!! and yes I do remember the blues we used to have in that powder keg of a salon, my god! Im not quite sure what was going on back then, it was almost a little like the fights siblings have...but alas in adulthood I have been redeemed, and I love my Shazzy too!! Time and a little life experience and motherhood has mellowed me greatly. i'm so happy we have reconnected now :)xoxoxox

  2. So glad to be back in touch too, your a sweetie.
    Thanks hun. xxxx