Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Veggie Update.

Well this week I've been really sick and so not much blogging done....sorry.
Starting to feel better and Mike is now home to cheer me up so things are looking up. Anyway this was the new veggie patch 5 weeks ago, just as Mike left and then scroll down to see it now and boy does it all grow fast.

Not to gross anyone out but just putting that timber edging in (above) gave me a horrible blister which got infected and was really painful. Anyway pass that..
This is my lovely pumpkin I am in love with. I did have a smaller butternut but I accidentally broke the stem and it wasn't quite ripe, so this is my baby at the moment.

 This is a Squash plant. Mike loves them and perfect timing just as he got home I picked the first one (below). Looks delicious doesn't it.

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