Friday, April 22, 2011

Our trip to Sydney.

Here's some shots of our trip to Sydney. We had an awesome time. Thank you to Michaels brother David and Neil for having us at your lovely inviting home. I know the kids had such a nice time with you both and just hope they didn't trash the house too much. x x x x x
 Jimmy was in heaven at the airport, constantly shouting PLANE at us all.

Finally at David and Neil's house.
 A little stop at the park for Jimmy...
 as the other 2 were just too tired.
 Heading to the Aquarium!!
King Neptune made from LEGO.
 Sorry pics are a bit blurry.

The next day it was storming in Sydney so we went to a local pub and caught up with Mike's cousin Claire and husband Mac and 2 kiddies Leon and Frankie. Michael's sister Lucy was also staying at Dave's house for a couple of days so it was nice family get together.
David, Michael and Lucy.
 Me and David.
 Stevie, Neil and David.
Michael, Stevie, Neil and David.

 And I know this looks really bad but the kids were really tired so they had a kip at the pub. 
 Our last day we had a little sight seeing and had some yummy lunch near the Opera House while taking in the sights of Sydney.
Family shot :)

 The kids held hands while going for a little wander, so cute!

 And then it took its toll again and the boys had a sleep on the way to the airport.

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