Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Found at Poppy Talk here are some awesome mushrooms:

everything lyndie dourthe creates is pretty much magic. her fascinating use of textiles and paper immediately draw me in to her world, and these fabric mushrooms are no exception.

{ photo by lyndie dourthe }
speaking of magical, hello enchanting little mushroom house!

{ photo by caglarcity }
you can always make your own mushrooms out of recycled paper ~ sounds like the perfect rainy-day project!.
{ photo and tutorial from posh makes }

tiny mushrooms in thimble planters? how sweet is that!
{ photo by margaret oomen }

the most breath-taking architecture. you'd feel like alice in wonderland in this space!

{ via on display -
photo by phil rogers

these gorgeous little champignons were hiding in a vintage french dictionary.

{ photo by cori kindred }

salvaged leather mushrooms ~ so gorgeous! and i love any project that uses scraps that would otherwise be thrown out.

{ from nuno magazine via made of cloth }

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