Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Easy Cushion.

My mum recently went to Europe for 6 weeks and she bought back this gorgeous embroidered square so she asked if I could make a cushion out of it. I have never made one because of all the zipper issues I have so I found this great way. 
One front panel and two even panels at back so they over lap therefore no zippers required, Phew!
Please excuse blurry pics.
Very basic but I thought I'd better try it out first in case I messed up her little piece of art she brought back from Paris.
This is the front,
 Just a whole heap of scraps put together in a very messy way!
 Back Panels


 Then as usual in comes my inspector and starts testing out the latest product.
Notice all the buttons on the floor behind him he had earlier tipped everywhere.
 And then the biting test.
 Seems to have passed.

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