Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chewable Jewellery

I found these great little inventions, from Jellystone Designs these are bangles and necklaces that are 100% safe for bubs to chew on. They are non toxic, free from BPA, PVC, Cadmium and Lead. The Hip Infant are stocking them and they are all $15-$16. A great idea I think as I remember the kids always liked to drool all over my braclets and just about rip my necklace off to get them in their mouths.
There is also a new bead necklace coming soon.
Jellystone Designs Suckables Bangle Aqua
Jellystone Designs Suckables Bangle Forest
Jellystone Designs Tuggables Organic Pendant AquaJellystone Designs Tuggables Organic Pendant Midnight                Jellystone Designs Tuggables Organic Pendant Forest GreenJellystone Designs Tuggables Organic Pendant Scarlet
Jellystone Designs Tuggables Owl Pendant Stone Jellystone Designs Tuggables Owl Pendant AquaJellystone Designs Tuggables Owl Pendant Fushia

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