Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thank You.

Well I checked my stats before and it shows favourite posts and my favourite, the audience. Now I have 4 followers and I know 1 is Mike. God love him! These are the stats from this month:

United states 173- Thank you!!
Australia 83- Go Aussies!!
United Kingdom 26
Malaysia 22
Canada 19
India 10
Argentina 9
Indonesia 8
Germany 6
Italy 6
Bulgaria 3
Kenya 3.

You would not believe how this makes me feel. I Love love love that there are people out there having a look at my blog. So if you do check it out regularly please follow. I get such a buzz. Also leave a comment or question, that is so awesome and I love love that too. Let me know if there is anything you love or hate or think i'm missing something (apart from my mind most the time) and I will do my best to please. 
A big thank you to all of YOU out there across the world, You blow my mind. x x x x

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