Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY Stamp Collecting Album

Some days I come across GOLD. I found this cool new blog Giddy Giddy and it's full of great DIY's for the kids and you to do. 
I love this one because we had Stamp Albums when we were kids and I loved looking through them and reorganising them. We used to take such good care of them, I wonder where they are now? I'm sure my mum would still have them.
 This is a DIY Stamp Collecting Album
Book 10
Book 11
The materials you will need:
*Cardstock paper
*2 paper maps 
*Glassine envelopes 
*Leather scrap
*White masking tape
*Rubber cement glue (acid free) ** Do not use white glue (or rubber cement that is NOT acid free) as this will discolor the paper over time.
*Thin cord (leather, cotton or synthetic)
*Scissors or preferably a paper cutter.

Step 1:
Cut cardstock paper desired size.
For my example, I used 3 inches by 3 inches cardstock pages.
Step 2: 
Cut map into long strips which will be used to cover the cardstock pages.  
I used a paper cutter cut 3 inch strips the entire length of the map.
Step 3
Tape pages together using white masking tape. 
Step 4:
Brush rubber cement onto cardstock and adhere precut map onto the pages. 

Giddy giddy diy stamp collector
Step 5: 
Now you can glue the glassine envelopes on each page using rubber cement. I cut the envelopes to size and then oriented them so that the envelope opening is facing the center binding.
Step 6:
Using a leather scrap, I cut a little jacket for my book and sewed long strap onto it.
Step 7:
Attach the leather jacket by wrapping cord around the center and knotting on the exterior.

Giddy giddy DIY stamp collector 2
Hope that was clear! Now you can brag that you are a certifiable Philatelist!
Stamp book giddy giddy

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