Monday, December 6, 2010

Tree Murals

ferm2 ferm
These trees can be found at Project Nursery.
1. notNeutral: Season at Design Public
2. DaliDecals: Lots of Circles Tree
3. Badass Custom Decals: Swirly Tree
4. Vinyl Wall Art: Tree Decal
5. Studio JK: Perfect Tree
6. Badass Custom Decals: Tall Tree Waving in the Wind
7. Curly Cue Wall Decals: Tree & Birdies
8. DaliDecals: Giant tree with falling leaves
9. Elephannie: Funky Tree Decal
10. DaliDecals: Tree with leaves blowing in the wind
11. Sodeco: Aspen Twins
12. Hutch Me: Set of Modern Trees
And this can be found at our house.....
This is Stevie's wall and her half finished tree I will never get around to completing. Also a little tricky to see whole tree but it goes to the floor with some green hills in background.

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