Friday, September 10, 2010

Jimmys Beginning

It was my little boys 1st birthday yesterday. Jimmy's birthdate is 9/9/09. And I had him at 21:09 which makes it 9:09. Crazy eh. We made it in the The Herald Sun and I will put the article in soon but here is a few photos of him in the early days.
I lost my camera that had the birth photos and I had some really beautiful ones which is really disappointing, I still keep waiting to find it but these were from Michaels phone so they are a little grainy.
This was the night before, I was painting all the door ways. One of those nesting things i guess?

Jimmy Steel Mckenzie.
9/9/09 9:09 8lbs 14oz 51.5cm
It really was the best birth i could hope for. He was posterier and my midwife said to sit on the ball and lean forward and I did for about 2 hours and he turned around. Yay. I think it was 2-3 pushes and he was here. Which I found amazing because I was pusing for at least an hour with the other two. I must be getting the knack of the whole child birth thing. Michael was such a support, he did everything I needed him to do and Stevie is a little mama, so nurturing.

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