Friday, August 3, 2012


I'm trying to back track all the things I wanted to blog about and ended up neglecting so here is some pics of our little holiday to Bermagui about 3-4 months ago. My sister had a baby in January and as Mike works away it was hard to get up for a visit so as soon as he was back I booked a train then bus to go to Bermi which is about an 8 hr drive. I was very nervous about leaving the kids as Jimmy was still very clingy and I really didn't know how he would be for Mike.
 Anyway on the morning I was supposed to leave it was a very early start, long story short...I missed the train! Not sure what to do Michael said let's just keep driving!! The kids were still in their pj's and had no clothes, same with Mike but as we were about an hour away from home we though it was better to keep going. So I rang my sister to tell her what was going on and luckily she works in real estate so she found a holiday house for us to rent.
Michael's mum and dad were great an organised cat, kittens and dogs in kennels while we were away. So after all day driving I finally got to meet my beautiful neice Silver and we had an amazing time. 
They had some really bad floods and were flooded in for a couple of days but we loved every minute.
Here are some shots.

 Flooded golf course.
 Flooded footy oval
 Stevie and Silver xx
 Silver looks a little scared of my crazy tribe.
 And beating up my sisters husband Matty.

 Millions of crabs!!!
 My love.
 Pregnant shots

 My funny little family.

 Me and my kids :)

 Stevie getting some ink!! at the Bermi festival.

 Oh yeah batman.
 My equally beautiful sister and neice. xxxx
 Me, Silver and Claire. I wish we lived alot closer to each other. I miss them sooooo much.

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