Thursday, February 2, 2012

My New Nappy Bag.

Over the last week I have been slowly working on this. A bag! In the past I have only made very simple totes and kids bags but this one I am very happy with. Still so simple, but a little bit of time needed. Its a nappy bag for our new bub. I didn't follow a pattern and just made it up as I went but as I said its a very simple design. I love the fabric though.
I also made a matching nappy wallet. Again SO simple. I just saw a picture of one and copied, its very straight forward.
 Stevie took all the pictures of me and the boys today. She's quite the little photographer, always does a great job!!
And I thought I would test the strength of the bag with 2 little boys. Jimmy wanted to hop in then changed his mind and Loch thought it was great, I could've carried him around all day!!

 'Jimmy do you want to hop in?'

Ah NO!


All was forgiven.

 'My turn'

 Argh get out, your too heavy now.

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