Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ken Block T Shirts.

So this was a project I've been promising my boys for a while. They both LOVE Ken Block the rally car driver that does the most amazing 'drifting'! Often Lochie will run around the house sideways saying that he is drifting and also tells everyone to call him Ken, kinder teachers too!
So the M is for the Monster drink but that is a major sponser of Ken's and has it all over his cars, therefore everytime the kids see one of those M's they yell 'Ken Block'!!
 Michael bought a Ken Block t shirt a while ago, Just for Lochie and so I copied the M and made them their own t shirts. Again I love freezer paper! 
 Michaels shirt that I copied.

 And all 3. Pretty close to the real thing.
 My 2 little ratbags.

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