Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DIY Decoration.

New House Project is full of so many awesome things and lots of DIY's, go and check it out.
Badminton heart by Kristen Sutcliffe from New House Project
There are lots of these cool vintage-looking badminton racquets at my neighborhood thrift store, so I had the idea to make some wall decoration for my daughter's room.  I used many colors of embroidery thread that I already had at home.  You could make a simple image or your child's initial.  I chose to do a heart.
What you would need:
*various colors of embroidery thread
*wooden badminton racquet 
*embroidery needle

Step 1:
Decide on your design and sketch it out.  Then use a permanent marker to mark your design onto the racquet.
Step 2:
Cut a yard or so of embroidery thread.
Step 3:
Tie the thread into a knot on the racquet.  Leave a two inch tail of thread so that you can tie the other end off when you are finished wrapping.
Step 4:
Continue wrapping thread onto the racquet until the area of your design is completely filled in.  Change colors of thread as often as you like.  A needle isn't completely necessary, but it made the job go more quickly for me.


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