Thursday, October 7, 2010

Panel Pants

All alone again...well not really but Mike is back at sea for another 5 weeks. The 5 weeks he was at home were really lovely, we all had a ball. And I love him to bits but I didn't get a single thing done. Actually I lied, I made an outfit for Stevie's friend Olivia, it was her birthday.
But today I have been madly sewing away while I got the strong urge to do so. And I've gone a little silly with another phase. I swap all the time.
One week painting, then one week making mobiles, then appliques..... etc. So my new project is still sewing and they are some pants, or trousers I prefer. Made from panels in random fabrics so i've pretty much just been shredding all my fabric and half my wardrobe (Mike will be happy) to get lots of variety and they look so comfy I mix a bit of everything in, here's some pics from this arvo.

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